How can you find the right golf glove size four your hand?

It's the same as with golf clubs. you need YOUR Golf Glove for OUR hands since your hands are custom made for you!.

Measure the circumference of your hand according to the picture. Don't put the measuring tape to tight around your hand, just loose is ok!



circumference in cm Sex Size of your
Golf Glove
15-18 cm Lady Size S Lady
18-20 cm Men Größe S Men
18-20 cm Lady Size M Lady
20-23 cm Men Größe M Men
20-23 cm Lady Size L Lady
23-25,5 cm Men Größe L Men
25-28 cm Men Größe XL Men
bigger All XXL























Alternativly you can measure from your wrist to the tip of the longest finger to get the right Golf Glove size:

and then verify according to the tablet:


Length Golf Glove Size
18,9 cm (+/- 4 mm) Size S
19,7 cm (+/- 3 mm) Size M
20,6 cm (+/- 5 mm) Size ML
21,4 cm (+/- 3 mm) Size L
22,1 cm (+/- 4 mm) Size XL

We dont take any guarantee, that you find the right glove this way, since there are to many possibilities for errors. But its a good advise!