Grip size and change of golf grip

The right Grip (SIZE!)

The right grip size is essential for a good golf game. Unfortunately most player dont pay attention to that!

Here you can find out which size is good for you:

we recommend:

wrist to the longest fingertip:

below 14 cm Junior

14,6 to 17,2 cm Lady

17,3 to 20,3 cm Standard

20,4 to 22,1 Midsize

22,2 to 24,8 Jumbo

Change of Grips ...its easily done!

- remove the old grip with a cutting knife (like those for carpets), take care not to cut below the grip .. (it`s not so beautiful!)

- take of old tape from the shaft (we recommend:grip tape remover)

- place the new grip tape stripeor a piece of thegrip tapewhere the old has been

-> let it stay over the butt end of the shaft like 1 cm and then roll the remaining rest between two fingers together and

squeeze it in the the shaft end

- now please spray onto the tapeas well into the inner side of the grip Activator (it has to be really wet, even inside the grip!)

-> for ourtapesyou can just easily use the windows cleaner from your household!

- as long as the tape and the inner side of the grip is wet, place the grip onto the shaft, once you know how to di its really easy! if its to hard,

maybe the grip or the tape is not wet enough!

- now put the grip into the right direction on the club, placing the head on the ground and line it up (we recommend:Grip replace help tool)

- after one hour you can play again. but a little more time is recommended!