Spine Alignment

Spine Alignment

What is Spine Alignment?

Every golf shaft has his spine. This is stiffer then the rest of the circumstance of this shaft. (when you put the shaft on a frequency machine, you can see, EVERY shaft has a spine. There is NO arguing about this fact!)

Theoretically, if the spine of the shaft is aligned in the clubhead (direction 6 o clock)  the shaft will perform better.

Alignment 6 o'clock: If the Clubhead is aligned in front of you clubface looking to the ball, ready to go, then the spine should show into your direction (it means virtually into the middle between your feets or legs).

And: indeed, it seems to make sense, that if the spine is in other positions (like 2 or 11 o'clock as an example), the shaft wont perform as well.

If you clamp a club with proper spine Alignment, and pull it, and then release it, the shaft moves in a reasonable straight way. If you try that with a NOT spine aligned club, then it moves into every direction, and „sometimes“ even straight. The difference is thrilling, it moves into 40 different directions! The club with a aligned spine position moves in a much straighter way.

We don't have a more scientific proof, if it really helps your game. BUT, for myself I do it. Many clubmakers do it, many shaft experts do it. It helped me and gives me a lot more confidence, making my hit with an aligned club.

If you have a full set of clubs, all spine aligned, there will be much better consistency in the performance from one club to the next club.

What are the disadvantages of Spine Alignment?

First: we need time, so it has to be paid somehow.

Second: when you spine aligne graphite shafts, it looks like as we have been drunken at that time, since the graphics on the shaft look probably on every shaft at another position. So.. actually, when a set is spine aligned, it has to look a bit funny, but it is better performing. Your choise! With steel shafts, it would be only when there is grafics on it. So in fact the grafics will not be aligned with the clubhead!!!

If you want your club spine aligned, please choose when ordering your club, it will be automatically added in your basket.