Payment options

We accept the following payment methods

Bank transfer in "advance" (recommended!)

Why do we recommend this payment method?

The European Community has done a lot to make the transfer fast, so there is no need to pay with credit card, with paypal or other payment methods. All other payment methods would create extra costs..and who would have to pay them? we or the customer.. but somehow it would increase the prices. 

With wire transfer normally the money is on our account the next day! so there would be literally no prolongagtion of the delivery.. since we still need time to pick the goods to built clubs etc.

OF COURSE we do offer other payment methods!

Here are the bank details:

Tesi Golf

Bank: VR Bank Bad Salzungen
IBAN: DE10840947540003920615

By Credit Card

After a long search we have found a reliable partner for credit card payments. Each card users know that the credit card companies take a fee. We give it to you, otherwise we would have to pass on these amounts on all golf products, what the direct payers would be unfair. But we know that there can be many reasons to use a credit card, so we offer this possibility. SAFE / Secure! 

Cash on Delivery 

We accept cash on delivery, but this is NOT recommended. It is awkward, you have to be at home, the address must not have any errors. In addition, it costs extra. Maximum amount: € 175 for cash on delivery. When specifically ordered products and tailor-made products, we reserve the right to ask for cash in advance. Thank you for your understanding. 


You can pay as an existing customer with a German residence from the 2nd order on account. We consider this with checking your previous payment history.


Paypal is the online payment service that lets you pay securely, easily and quickly, and the paypal account costs you nothing. Your bank or credit card details are deposited with paypal. Further information on paypal can be found at The terms and conditions of paypal apply:

After paying via paypal you will be redirected back to our site.

Fees for the Paypal process are displayed in the purchase process.

Note this:

This results mainly from the fact that we offer tailor-made products, and can offer these almost impossible other customers. Not paid bills go in the dunning run and a lawyer for the payment collection, which costs slightly up to twice the invoice amount may result. Overdue fines are necessarily to be paid.