MY club

Satisfaction guarantee wanted? here comes our team! When you order your clubs in our shop, you can get the clubs for 30 days, and if you dont like them, you sent them back to us and you can choose for the same amount (excl. transport costs) something else. The only thing you need to order (since we believe in spine alignment) the clubs with spine alignment. otherwise the 30 day give back guarantee isn't valid.

If you like, you can describe your game to us as you like and we are helping you to choose the right clubs for your game, or you are a pro or a beginner, we can satisfy you in every way!

since everybody has his "own" body and his own hand size, armlength etc, we give you the possibility to fit the clubs according to your body. When you start playing golf, why not with an affordable set of clubs, that fit already to your body? why making things more difficult then they should be?

Please use our Informations on the left side regarding Club length, Spine Alignment, grip size and then built your own club.

When you are interested in a special shaft, or looking for a shaft that gives your ball lower flight, choose the possibility to search for it...

better is impossible!